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 CongratZ - Acceptance

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CongratZ - Acceptance Empty
PostSubject: CongratZ - Acceptance   CongratZ - Acceptance EmptyFri Oct 08, 2010 1:12 am

Congratulations to all the Player that applied for staff positions and were

we have 4 trial mods ,which during the release will be under close watch, at a further date in time 1 of 4 will be awarded the right to be called an admins of Ultimatum - X,
the other trial mods shall be given official mod status, and there will remain 1 spot open for mod and one spot open for admin, that means that there will be an a possibility of a mod getting admin and a normal player to get mod.

our overall goal is to get 3 admins and 4 mods by the time out server has reached a decent amount of players


1 - Admin due to my friend lols giving up his position as admin ,due to irl issues,
4 - trail mods.

Good luck to everyone in the future, those up coming openings could be you!

Current trial mods:

Young mula

NOTE* If u did NOT fallow the application outline given in the forums section you were automatically ignored as an applicant ,in the future please be sure to read what people post,and what the section rules are.


CongratZ - Acceptance Supportsig
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CongratZ - Acceptance
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