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 Staff Meetings.

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Young Mula
Young Mula

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PostSubject: Staff Meetings.   Staff Meetings. EmptyMon Oct 04, 2010 9:13 pm

I suggest that there should be staff meetings to decide if or if not the person deserves there position, because I think that one person cannot always be around and does not know what the player they have chosen is only acting in front of him. And if there are staff meetings about Promotion's, there should also be meetings about Demotion's, which will only be attended by trustworthy staff.

This is only a suggestion, so please tell me what you guys think about it. Question

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D3mons dead
D3mons dead

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PostSubject: Re: Staff Meetings.   Staff Meetings. EmptyTue Oct 05, 2010 4:13 pm

i have already discussed this with lols, and leet skills and i told them any big choices that require staff decision will be done by admin+ of course we will have a meeting,but regardless ,everything else will be voted by the players of the server, this is a server for the people, and the players that want to have a good time.

I will be posting constant polls on the updates we make ingame and on forums and according to the players votes,we will adjust accordingly, we as staff are just here to inforce the rules,and make sure everyone abides by them,we are here to make sure no one
does anything to disturb peoples gameplay and to help out and guide others if help is needed, we are not here to boss you around and make u do w.e we say,even though some times it may seem like it,we are doing it in the intrest of the server and all its players.

Note* that to have staff treat you farely you will have to abide by the rules,otherwise staff will inforce them ,and you shall be treated and held accountable for what ever you have done.

Also the only diffrence between a regular player and a staff member is just one symbol and a couple of commands, otherwise we are all the same so please treat staff with respect and i guarentee that you will have a fun time.


Staff Meetings. Supportsig
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Staff Meetings.
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