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 Signature Rules.

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Head Admin
Head Admin

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Signature Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Signature Rules.   Signature Rules. EmptySun Aug 15, 2010 6:13 am

Signature Rules.
All Signatures Should Not Contain Illegal Content, Pornagraphy, Drug Use, Swearing Or Abusive Behaviour Such As Violence, Gore, Sexual Abuse Of Anykind..
Any Breach In These Rules Could Shut Our Site Down, Sorry For Any inconvenience But These Are The Rules I Have To Abide By To Keep This Forum Running.
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D3mons dead
D3mons dead

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Signature Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Disclaimer   Signature Rules. EmptySun Aug 15, 2010 6:33 am

We, the staff of D3mons Productions, do not take any responsibility for the actions, comments and behavior of any user, guest and not limited to any of the above, we will try to remove all inappropriate content from the website, note that due to the staff of D3mons productions not being able to check and look through all content released personally, we cannot claim responsibility for they're actions.We will do out best job to our up most possibility to remove and delete all inappropriate content.

To members of D3mons productions:
If any of the following rules above are broken, you will receive an initial warning, and be advised to remove your inappropriate or thus illegal content, if you fail to do so, further actions shall be taken by the staff of D3mons Productions and could result in the following and not limited to a warning, deletion of content, ban, ip ban.

When you register to this site,or participate in content correlated factors you agree to these terms, and all its conditions.

Staff of D3mons Productions.

Signature Rules. Supportsig
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Signature Rules.
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