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 My Intro Getting To Know Me - Lols

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My Intro Getting To Know Me - Lols Empty
PostSubject: My Intro Getting To Know Me - Lols   My Intro Getting To Know Me - Lols EmptySat Oct 23, 2010 3:38 pm

Hi and welcome to my Intro.
My IRL name is Ethan.
My Ingame Name will be Lols.
My Favourite Colours are White,Grey and Black,
I love playing video games, Cause they help me forget shit thats Giving me hell in life right now, im 17 Years old and live in Sydney Australia.
I have a PS1,PS3, 2 Xbox's an Xbox 360, 2 Computers, 1 A very high Custom built Gaming Rig, and a Laptop.
Im Not Rich nor poor But Living life is a struggle for me as i am barely keeping my head afloat like im drowing.
Some of My favourite games are NFS series, Killing Floor, L4d 1 & 2, Fallout Series, Dead space, GTA 4 and many more to many to list :s.
Curently like we all have, will and are going through trying coping with shit thats knocking me down in life right now and since the past 6 years.
I love being with the ones who are closest to me.
I have 2 cats, and 2 birds.
I have been playing Various RSPS over the past year.
I have very eccentric Tastes in music meaning i listen to and enjoy mostly everything when it comes to music.
Im not tight, nor stuck up in general a very nice person to get to know as i appreciate everyone equally as i am no higher than anyone else and i enjoy your company. During my Past experiences with Different rsps i have made strong relationships with many people over the past year i have gotten to know and i would enjoy getting to know everyone i meet on here aswell.

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My Intro Getting To Know Me - Lols
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